Severy Creek owner Steve Louden got his start in the roofing business as a college student installing roofs in Colorado. He spent three years in roofing sales with Brickey Construction Company, where he gained in-depth knowledge of roofing products. He developed his approach to working with insurance adjusters along with many industry contacts that he used to put together the approach he uses in his business today.

He bases his business on quality and integrity, making sure that his roofs are built to international building codes. Because of his contacts in the roofing industry, he has developed a mobile business model that allows him to bring his expertise into multiple markets when the need arises.

In times of weather emergencies, few communities have the manpower to effectively fix all the damage left by a major storm. Steve and his team partner with local companies to provide estimating, assistance with claims submission and expert oversight of your roofing project.

Don’t rely on a visual inspection from the street! There are filing deadlines and time frames you need to be aware of, so make sure of the condition of your roof without delay.

Severy Creek works in association with Premier Claims

If you feel like your Denver property could benefit from our roof installation services, please give us a call or send us an email for a free inspection today. We want to make sure that your home is protected by a strong, sturdy roof.

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Severy Creek Roofing in Denver is your choice for premier roofing contractors for all roofing services. Whether you need a roof repair, roof replacement, or a brand new roof.

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